By 3D printing we mean the creation of three-dimensional objects using additive manufacturing, starting from a digital 3D format. 3D printing is relatively recent (1986) and includes numerous printing techniques on multiple materials. With the best known, FDM extrusion for example, it is possible to attain very large printing formats, around 80x40x40, but long machine times are required to obtain products that are little more than coarse, unfinished products.

The real revolution in 3D digital printing is the new GDP printing technology (Gel Dispensing Printing), which allows you to produce large objects quickly that are quite light.
Colorzenith, at the forefront of QUALITY and printing TECHNOLOGY, prints large 3D objects (180 x 150 x 120) at a very high speed (35 cm/hour)
A great opportunity, whose only limit is imagination!

Ideal for large-scale retail, theatre and television sets, window dressing and fittings at any level, indoor and outdoor decorations, large format design and industrial prototyping, interior design and fitting out of exhibition stands, the realisation of creative sculptures, theme parks and ship furnishings, or more simply creative promotional items and durable rigid displays, an excellent alternative to cardboard. The applications are really endless.