Colorzenith has two core aspects: that of a traditional photo lab and that of an industrial photo lab

The Milanese company is at the forefront of digital printing without any format limits on a multitude of materials, rigid or flexible, using the latest printing technologies, with realistic photo quality. In general, flexible printable roll materials, such as paper, films and fabrics, have an “infinitely” (∞) extendable length, while rigid materials, divided into individual pieces such as glass or plexiglass, panels made of expanded aluminum alloy and forex have well-defined maximum lengths.

The development service that Colorzenith offers its customers includes:

  • • Development of black and white films
  • • Development of reversible films (from rolls of any length and width)
  • • Development of negative color films
  • • Development of multiple colour samples
  • • Development of colour contact specimens from negatives
  • • Development and black and white specimens