The in-house GRAPHIC DESIGN department has been operating for years and has acquired the skills necessary to satisfy all customer needs, from the simple adaptation of existing graphics to new formats, including the design and execution of the entire outfitting for shops, sales outlets or exhibition stands.

The total integration of this team of professionals with the departments for printing and finishing the products is the best guarantee for the realisation of a product that can satisfy even the most complex communication requirements.
The customer is always the focus of the attention of this group of experts and creative talents, which offers the highest degree of flexibility to adapt to any requirement by offering the most complete service possible.

The utmost attention is paid to every detail: this is borne out by the particular attention paid to the colour rendering, for which the best DIGITAL COLOR MANAGEMENT technologies currently used on the market are employed. These solutions are implemented in all the company’s production flows in order to guarantee maximum colour fidelity on any printable material.