Turnkey service offered by Colorzenith, where the value added is represented by the in-house Finishing and Assembly department.

The crown jewels of Colorzenith’s business are the post-printing processes and finishes, which allow you to join the prints to any kind of support: from protective and support materials such as the exclusive decorsint, gatorfoam, fomecore, gatorplast (for indoor and outdoor use, providing high resistance to weather and wear), and including anti-UV, anti-scratch, anti-slip, glossy and matt lamination.

Once the production activity in the strict sense is finished – which includes the development and printing of the image, possible calendering, milling, bonding and stitching according to the desired format, including intaglio in special cases – Colorzenith also assembles and installs images, the billposting system and various other types of equipment based on specific requests.