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Why is personalized window dressing so important in advertising?

The window dressing of stores is an indispensable operation if one wants to capture the attention of passers-by. The function of a window display is precisely this: to immediately communicate the brand values of the products, to attract the attention of potential customers and favour the purchase process.

In this context, visual merchandising, the set of techniques used to promote the sale of a product within the store, plays a decisive role.

This discipline suggests how to set up a window display to make the products on display attractive and seductive, through the care of the environment, lighting, and various marketing tools.

The principle underlying visual merchandising is precisely to create a visual and emotional journey (customer experience) that, starting from the stimulation of the senses, can attract and guide potential customers into the store, thus transforming the display into a real sales tool.

How important, therefore, is the set-up of a window display and why is it important to personalize it according to the type of brand?

Why take care of the window dressing of stores?

In a world that is increasingly moving towards the digital, where online purchases are now part of everyday life, taking care of the aesthetics and set-up of a physical window display becomes fundamental. In recent years,

the windows of stores have transformed into real attractions for passers-by, incredible storytelling tools capable of exciting and arousing interest in those who observe them, as well as fully expressing the soul and essence of the brand.

Precisely because of their role in the communication process of a company, the set-up of the windows must be inserted within a coherent communication strategy, opting for ad hoc solutions and completely personalized graphic projects, such as those proposed by Colorzenith.

Here are all the advantages of an effective window display.

Strengthen the brand image

Through a well-designed set-up, it is possible to strengthen the brand identity. A particular, original, and captivating window display will inevitably increase brand awareness of the brand, and the company logo will remain more easily and longer in the minds of consumers.

Convey the intentions of the brand

We mentioned it before: the set-up of a window display must be able to communicate to its potential customers the values of the brand. A well-made window display will be able to immediately convey the intentions and mood of the brand.

Stimulate emotions

The ultimate goal of visual merchandising is to increase sales. To attract passers-by and encourage them to enter the store, it is necessary to communicate a message that leverages emotions. In this context, the art of storytelling fits perfectly, that is, telling a story that can create empathy.
A well-designed window display will be able to excite the customers and involve them in the narrative of the store, thus encouraging them to enter and continue with their shopping experience.

Highlight promotions and news

The positioning of merchandise in the window and its set-up must necessarily be personalized based on the new products offered by the brand. Being able to capture attention with personalized signage, displays, cutouts, and window decals indicating, for example, the presence of sales in the store or a new collection, will allow you to capture the attention of passers-by first and anticipate their shopping experience.

Choose Colorzenith to conquer your future customers

For decades, Colorzenith has been producing digital prints, 3D prints, window decals, and personalized set-ups for the windows of major brands. The passion and experience that distinguish us allow us to support and accompany the client step by step, from the initial stages of project definition to the delivery of the product.

Our machinery and the techniques acquired over the years allow us to achieve the highest quality printing, in terms of fidelity and colour accuracy, in the details of dark areas, in the definition of texts and naturalness of shades.

If you are looking for the right partner to help you create the perfect shop window display, you have just found it, and it’s called Colorzenith. Contact us to learn more or fill out the form below!