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Who we are

Established 60 years ago as a professional laboratory, today Colorzenith is an industrial photolab that can provide the most innovative and cutting edge services.

There are two divisions in our Milan office, perfectly exemplifying the union between the old and the new: on one hand there is a branch of the company that constantly keeps up to date with new technologies and invests in sophisticated digital printing machinery, of unequalled precision; on the other, there is the traditional laboratory with eight camera obscuras, devoted to developing and superior quality printing of film, slides, and black and white photographs.

For decades, Colorzenith has functioned at the topmost level, serving clients from the first phase of a project right to product handover and staying alongside them as highly qualified partner also able to undertake the final installation.

Highest quality printing in terms of fidelity and colour-matching, details in darker shaded areas, in text definition and the naturalness of shadings as well as full support is assured. Additionally, speed and the capacity to respond rapidly, even for urgent orders, which are carried out with complete care and attention while observing requisite specifications.

This, in conjunction with next generation printing, makes Colorzenith the leading company in its sector, and above all, its human capital enables it to provide the best possible service to its clientele on every level.

L'esterno della sede di Colorzenith