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Exhibition installations

Discover digital prints, 3D prints, photographic prints and fittings. All ideas from our customers but made with the skill and high quality standards that distinguish us.

We Make Beautiful Things

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Armani Digital Printing Airport Fingers

Colorzenith Installation Various Uniqlo

Nike Digital Printing Torino Juventus

Roofing Walls Digital Printing Valentino Montecarlo

Timberland 3D Print Milano Flyroam

Armani 3D Print Milano Broletto Eyeglasses

Armani 3D Print Milano Garibaldi Buckle

Armani Installation Milano Broletto Various

Under Armour Digital Printing Milano Showcase

Rolex Installation Milano Showcase

Miele Digital Printing Stores Outdoor

Furla Digital Printing Milano Outdoor

Nike Installation Milano Inter

Nike Installation Milano Mercuria

Nike Installation Milano Magista

Diesel Installation Milano Event

Dmail Digital Printing Milano Showcase

Costa Crociere Installation SpazioScenico Naval

Samsung Installation Milano Seat

Colorzenith Installation Various Timberland

Armani Digital Printing Stores Outdoor

Louis Vuitton 3D Print Stores Indoor

Nike Installation Milano Baires Create Attack

Eventually Digital Printing Milano Showcase

Eventually Installation Milano Showcase

Burberry Installation Milano Garibaldi Facade

Alcuni esempi di stampa digitale

Fendi Digital Printing Milano LaRinascente

ChampionGame7 Digital Printing Stores

Woolrich Digital Printing Milano La Rinascente

Costa Crociere 3D Print SpazioScenico Naval

Levi’s Digital Printing Milano Showcase

Nike Installation Roma Hungry

Colorzenith Installation Various Valentino

Lego Digital Printing Milano Showcase

Una fase di finitura presso Colorzenith di stampa digitale grande formato realizzate per Armani

Armani Digital Printing Colorzenith Finiture

Dolce&Gabbana 3D Print Milano Majolica

Nike Milano – Digital Printing

Nike Digital Printing Milano Gae Aulenti

Colorzenith Installation Various Champion

Burberry Installation St. Moritz Showcase

Furla Installation Milano Outdoor

Nike Digital Printing Milano Magista

Casio Installation Milano Showcase

Nike Installation Milano Various

Nike Digital Printing Milano Inter

Armani 3D Print Milano Broletto Single’s Day

Armani 3D Print Milano Broletto Shoe

Louis Vuitton Digital Printing Stores Indoor

Nike Installation Milano Gae Aulenti

Roofing Walls Digital Printing Armani Monaco

LPD Digital Printing Stores Outdoor

Dmail Installation Milano Showcase

Armani 3D Print Milano Broletto Buckle

Nike Installation Juventus Stadium

Armani Digital Printing Broletto Murales

Colorzenith 3D Print Milano La Scala Theater

Samsung 3D Print Milano Seat

Uniqlo Digital Printing Milano Showcase

Colorzenith Installation Various Macron

Versace Installation Milano Stained Glass Window

Columbia – Digital Printing – Interni negozio

Woolrich Installation Milano Showcase

Samsung Milano Seat

Nike Digital Printing Milano Baires

Armani Casa 3D Print Milano Corso Venezia Palms

Colorzenith 3D Print Milano

Armani Digital Printing Stores Indoor

Rolex Digital Printing Milano Showcase

Guess Digital Printing Milano Showcase

Armani Installation Milano Garibaldi Buckle

Colorzenith 3D Print Milano Various

Napapijri Digital Printing Stores Indoor

Diesel Digital Printing Milano Showcase

Nike Digital Printing Roma Hungry

Rolex Milano Showcase

Armani Digital Printing Airport Indoor

Versace Digital Printing Milano Facade

Dalla Corte Installation Milano Showcase

Nike Digital Printing Milano Termini

Under Armour Installation Milano Showcase

Burberry Installation Milano Facade

Miele Installation Stores Outdoor

Nike Digital Printing Milano Mercurial

Armani Digital Printing Silos Outdoor