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Post-printing processing

Alcuni operatori al lavoro sulla finitura di alcune stampe fotografiche


Processing with cutting plotters

For shaping and trimming panels on predetermined cutting paths. Materials suitable for such processing:

  • polystyrene and plastic
  • wood
  • rubber
  • plexiglass
  • dibond (composed of two very thin aluminium sheets and a polyethylene centre).


  • rigid material
  • templates
  • embossed lettering
  • decorative items.


High frequency heat sealing on PVC-sheeting

Heat sealing and opening eyelets on PVC-sheeting.

This post-printing processing is especially recommended for large size sheets, irrespective of format.


High quality processing to join sheeting and fabric

Stitching enables the bonding of sheeting and printed fabric for background installations, special stitching for pockets, seams, sheathes, Velcro.