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Fabric, PVC, wallpaper and much more, are all materials for digital printing

Digital printing has entered a new era, allowing companies to create products with a higher level of sophistication and detail than ever before. Today it allows the creation of unique products with unlimited potential. In fact, the latest technologies make it possible to print on virtually any material, such as fabrics, PVC and wallpaper.

Here are all the materials and supports where digital printing can be applied in detail.

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Digital printing: definition and types of printing

Digital printing is an innovative printing process that transfers the image from a computer directly to the printer using digital or electronic files. It is a cost-effective and faster alternative to traditional printing methods, such as offset printing.

Digital printing can be used to produce high-quality prints on a variety of materials such as paper, plastic, fabric, metal, and more. It also allows the use of custom designs, logos, images, and text that can be accurately printed directly onto the material.

Initially, the main digital printing techniques were inkjet and laser printing. However, with technological advancements, latex, UV, and sublimation printing (digital printing on fabric) are becoming increasingly popular.

The choice of one technology over another is closely related to the type of support on which you intend to print, its conditions of use (external or internal), and undoubtedly the result you want to achieve.

All materials for digital printing

Thanks to its versatility and the different techniques developed, digital printing can be used on an incredible variety of materials.

Digital printing on fabrics

Digital printing on fabric is particularly popular in the clothing and fashion industry. Thanks to digital printing and in particular sublimation printing, it is possible to create custom designs on t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other clothing items.

Moreover, digital printing is increasingly used to produce stuff for visual communication, such as flags, banners, installations, and trade fair stands.

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PVC is undoubtedly one of the most commonly used materials when it comes to digital printing: it is a rigid material that does not degrade and is perfectly recyclable. Due to its composition, PVC is suitable to produce large outdoor prints, such as billboards, banners, advertising posters, or stickers.


Vinyl Printing on vinyl is mainly used for stickers and decals, making it perfect for personalizing vehicles and sports equipment.


Wallpaper is a type of home decoration that has made a comeback in recent years. Through digital printing, it is possible to create completely customized and tailored wallpapers, perfect for decorating the interiors of homes, offices, or shops.


Wood Printing on wood is used for the production of customized paintings and furniture. Thanks to digital printing, detailed designs can be created on both natural and painted wood.


Similar to glass but much lighter and more resistant, Plexiglass, extruded acrylic, is a material that is very suitable for digital printing. It does not yellow over time, is unbreakable and resistant to weather conditions, and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.

With a very clear appearance, plexiglass is perfect for creating signs, and promotional and decorative elements that always have a great impact, even when used for small projects.

Digital printing on Airtex, Canvas, and Fabric

Digital printing on fabrics such as canvas or fabric is the ideal solution for turning photographs or images into real works of art. The effect is that of a painting, and the result is a unique and personalized piece of decoration.

For large formats, the perfect support is Airtex: a flexible material, qualified as a fabric but thermally weldable like a PVC banner. This makes it the ideal support for reproducing prints and artistic maxi-prints, scenic backgrounds, impressive giant graphics, and removable covers for stand walls.

In addition to the materials just mentioned, digital printing can be used on many other supports, such as metal, glass, cardboard, and ceramics.

Print on all products with Colorzenith

Digital printing is a versatile technology that can be used on virtually any type of material, perfect for creating high-definition images, unique products, and customized setups.

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