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Digital printing: UV, Latex and Sublimation, which technology is right for you?

Digital printing is completely revolutionizing the graphic arts and visual communication industry. This printing technique is able to meet the demands of an increasingly demanding market, where customization and speed are the order of the day.

Marketing strategies are evolving and the number of companies, particularly in Milan, choosing a large format and digital printing products is increasing.

There are various digital printing techniques available, and the choice of one technology over another is closely related to the type of material to be printed on and the desired result.

So, which digital printing technology is best for your business?

In this article, we will explore the different types of digital printing technologies available and help you choose the right one to meet your printing needs.

All types of digital printing

With digital printing, it is possible to print any image, graphics, or text on any type of material, providing high-quality results in a very short time.

There are several types of digital printing technologies available on the market, with the most well-known and widely used being laser and inkjet printing.

However, with technological advances and the move towards increasingly sustainable and environmentally friendly processes, more and more innovative printing techniques are being developed, such as UV printing, latex printing, and sublimation printing.

Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing is a textile customization process used for printing on polyester or polyester-based fabrics. The peculiarity of sublimation printing is that it uses water-based, completely eco-friendly inks that turn into gas when heated, penetrating the fabric and producing vividly coloured images.

This printing technique is most suitable for printing on fabric and clothing, especially sportswear: thanks to a non-aggressive or invasive print, the fabrics remain soft to the touch and breathable.

Sublimation printing is widely used for visual communication. It allows the creation of flags, banners, decorations, and exhibition stands. It is also a perfect resource for the interior design sector, with customized wallpapers or various objects.

UV Printing

UV digital printing is an innovative system that speeds up the process thanks to ultraviolet rays emitted by LED lamps that instantly polymerize the ink.

This printing technique represents a real revolution in the world of advertising and personalized items, as UV printers allow for truly fast production with instant drying.

The advantages of UV printing also include its ability to produce high-quality images with vibrant and brilliant colours and high durability. Moreover, it is a completely eco-friendly production process as it does not require the use of any chemical or hazardous solvent for ink drying.

If we think about the flexibility of UV printing application, perfect for any type of support without altering it: from plastic to glass, from leather to fabric, from canvas to metal, lactoflexal and many other materials.

A digital printing technique in Milan that we can recommend for any professional need.

Latex Printing

Another revolution in the field of digital printing is latex printing. This printing technology uses latex-based inks, which dry quickly and produce images with bright colours and high photographic definition.

One of the most surprising features of latex printing is its high quality on large format products, as well as its durability and variety of applications.

If you’re wondering if this is the right printing method for your needs, just think about the destination of your product. Latex printing is often used by companies and is perfect for creating large PVC panels and banners, as well as signs, window displays for large or small windows, wall decorations, printing films for car wrapping or small custom stickers.
In fact, this printing method is ideal on many supports and is also recommended for sensitive environments where attention to people’s health is crucial, such as schools, hospitals or restaurants.

Digital Printing: Choose Colorzenith

If you’re looking for someone to take care of digital printing, Colorzenith is the ideal printing partner. With over 60 years in the industry, Colorzenith has followed the evolution of digital printing and the new techniques available on the market step by step.

Already a partner of a large portfolio of Milanese companies, Colorzenith is the ideal choice for your advertising visual communication.

Contact us to find out which printing technique is best for creating your products.