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Print on Dibond Aluminum, the perfect solution for signs, signage, and signage

Visual communication is a fundamental element for the success of any commercial activity. Signs, signage, and signboards are essential tools for attracting customer attention and conveying messages with immediacy and impact.

Among the various solutions available, printing on Dibond aluminum stands out for its versatility, resistance, and exceptional aesthetic performance.

What is Dibond aluminum printing?

Printing on Dibond aluminum is an advanced process that combines the strength of aluminum with the versatility of digital printing. Dibond aluminum is a material, consisting of two thin aluminum sheets, inside which there is a solid polyethylene core.

Dibond aluminum panels usually have a thickness ranging from 2 mm to 6 mm and have a smooth and uniform surface, ideal for reproducing high-definition images and detailed text.
This innovative technology offers a series of advantages that make it the preferred choice for those looking for durability, resistance, and visual impact.

All the advantages of digital printing on Dibond aluminum

Weather resistance

Dibond aluminum stands out for being an incredibly resistant material, making it perfect for making signs, signage, or billboards that will inevitably be exposed to weather agents and corrosive agents.

Dibond aluminum is, in fact, designed to withstand the weather, ensuring that prints maintain their quality over time. UV resistance prevents color degradation under prolonged exposure to the sun, ensuring that signs or billboards remain clearly visible even in the most adverse weather conditions.

Lightness and ease of installation

Despite its robustness, Dibond aluminum is surprisingly light, thus simplifying the installation process. This aspect is particularly crucial for creating signs and signage that require easy installation without compromising the solidity of the structure.

Ease of processing

Dibond aluminum panels are extremely ductile and can be easily cut, bent, shaped, perforated, and worked according to the specific needs of the project, allowing greater flexibility and customization.

High-quality printing

The smooth and uniform surface of Dibond allows for high-quality printing, ideal for reproducing high-resolution images and sharp text.

Printing on Dibond aluminum allows you to create captivating signs with vibrant colors and precise details. The ability to print directly on aluminum eliminates the need for separate stickers, ensuring a clean and professional finish.

Various applications

Dibond aluminum is the perfect choice for a wide range of applications, including billboards, shop signs, corporate signage, and informational panels. Furthermore, its flexibility makes it optimal for setting up indoor spaces such as shops or apartments.

Environmental sustainability

Printing on Dibond aluminum is also an environmentally friendly choice, as this material is completely recyclable. This feature addresses growing environmental concerns, offering a sustainable solution for business printing needs.

Fire safety

Dibond aluminum panels are classified as Class 1 fire retardant, offering increased safety against flame propagation. Moreover, being self-extinguishing, they are able to stop the spread of flames once the fire source is removed, providing additional protection in case of fire.

Choose Colorzenith for printing on Dibond

Aluminum Digital printing represents an excellent choice for obtaining high-quality, durable prints with great visual impact. If you are looking for a versatile and long-lasting solution for your visual communication, this technology is the perfect answer.

By relying on Colorzenith, you can create completely customized signs, signage, and billboards to stand out from the competition and successfully communicate your message.

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