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3D Printing

The extraordinary flexibility of 3D printing enables 3D designers, creative artists, set designers, modellers to invent new forms of expression in rapid time

Un cartellone pubblicitario con parti stampate in 3D

3D Large Format

3D printing encourages the creation of three-dimensional forms using additive manufacture, on the basis of a 3D digital format.

3D printing is fairly recent (1986) and includes various printing techniques on a range of materials. The best known, Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) extrusion, which enables creation of large formats printing, about 80x40x40, but lengthy machine time is required to obtain products that are a little more refined.

The revolutionary 3D printing and the new GDP (Gel Dispensing Printing) technique enables the production of large items in rapid time with reduced weight.

Colorzenith, is at the forefront for quality and for printing techniques, produced at very high speeds (35 cm/h per hour) large size items (180×150 x 120). Imagination is the only limit!

Ideal for large-scale, for stage sets, for window displays and exhibition installations, for prototyping and for exhibition stands.

Particolare di una scarpa stampata in 3D su un cartellone pubblicitario
Una statua stampata in 3D in piccolo formato

3D Finishing

There is a very wide range of possibilities for finishing 3D printed items: lacquering, varnishing, metallised coatings, satin-finishing, sandblasting, textural effects and many others.

Precision is always superlative. High-speed execution and reduced weight effect makes 3D printing the perfect technique for the advertising industry, forms, striking stage settings, magnifying product size, elements with back-lighting can easily be introduced in internal and external showcases and can thus emphasise the value of the product.